TD Irie Music Festival has always promoted the purchase of local foods, and for the second year in a row, a local Farmers Market will be set up for the duration of the festival. Local food matters, as food security issues are on the rise in the world. It’s important that we support local farmers both rural and urban that are providing fresh, responsibly grown food with minimal carbon footprint. Studies have shown that local food distribution systems can lower the environmental impact our food system, and with that in mind, we have encouraged our food vendors to purchase locally grown food and a Farmers Market will be available for festival goers.

Irie Farmers’ Market

As we host our second annual Irie Farmers’ Market, we will have local farmers from the African Food Basket and FarmStart – McVean Incubator Farm Project. TD Irie Music Festival has a great relationship with the African Food Basket, an organization dedicated to issues of food security in the Toronto’s priority neighbourhoods for over 15 years.

Afri-Can FoodBasket – Ujamaa Farmers

Currently in year three at the McVean Incubator Farm Project, the Ujamaa Farmers are a collective brought together by the Afri-Can Food Basket to provide opportunities to community organizers to grow healthy fresh foods. The collective is made up of six farmers, growing a diverse array of vegetables common to the Caribbean, Africa and Canada. Foods such as callaloo, three types of kale, spinach and various types of herbs will be available at the Irie Farmers Market.