W.I.U.D.M (WORSHIP IN UNITY DANCE MINISTRIES) is a Dance Ministry that began in Sept 2009 within Praise Cathedral Worship Centre, located at 6785 Millcreek Drive Mississauga ON, L5N 5M4, where it was originally called Exalted Praise. After much growth and expansion the dance team was rebranded to Worship In UNITY Dance Ministries. W.I.U.D.M began with 4 members, and is now umbrella into several visual forms of spiritual interpretation representing the region of Ontario for The of Church of God. The team has grown through various workshops and talent showcases. Currently W.I.U.D.M is working on in-depth workshops for the community on teaching theory aspects of Sacred Dance & its history. The dance Director Kiannah Kerr began teaching Black History African Movement to two schools; Guardian Angels Catholic Elementary School and Braeburn Public School. W.I.U.D.M also performs annually for Carrasauga and Carabram since 2014. Representing the African and Jamaican pavilion last but not least Toronto’s Jambana Cultural Festival. They have strived to make a difference in the world by impacting and changing each community with one Dance at a time… We are Worship In Unity Dance Ministries Co.

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