patwa-kushantie Born as Mark Reid aka Patwa kushante in the hills of central Jamaica, over looking a valley fill with all different kinds of fruits and spice for your natural livity.

Growing up as a young boy, my mom used to take me with her wherever she goes, like market etc, so i was expose to the street from a early age, so whenever she need something done and she couldn’t go she would send me. I remember the first song i wrote, i used a barrington levy melony,but the lyrics was mine,..hearing the birds sings n the Rastaman chant in the hill as a boy it a vibes am glad i was expose to, and even now as i write this tears runs out my eyes when i remember some of those wonderful moment…All i knew is LOVE , i honestly can’t hate someone, only the ways if its not within righteousness but the person, no.

I start hanging around recording studio at the tender age of 12 to 13yrs, king tubby on drumalee ave in waterhouse, channel one on maxfield ave ,just to name a few…i can remember going by channel one studio at that time n very excited to learn how a song as been produce n something when i reach the gateman dont even want to let mi in…i think him name was zebby….leroy horsemouth wallace told me he past away…

My first recording was called militant soldier but my first song release was bubbling under the name Antony Reid, allstar album for arabic record called reggae invasion volume one..after that i travel to Canada where i spent about 9month in school n took off to America, start getting children and recording in bullwackies studio.

While in America i was introduce to Clive Hunt by one of his brother who hear some of my songs at wackies n like my vibes,and we been working ever since.

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