Beautiful, vibrant and insightful are just a few words to describe the artwork of Tori Mongrain. Connectivity, love and energy flow through her onto the canvas giving the collection a personal and electric feel. From personal and evocative figurative abstract work to the energetic paintings of photographed objects, she has a style that is truly all her own.

Tori, born Victoria Mongrain, is a self taught artist born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada. Growing up in Ontario, Quebec and Alberta, she currently resides in Mississauga, Ontario. The experience of her traveling as a child has given her a distinct view on society and an open mind to varied cultures, styles and change.

From an early age, Tori watched her mother paint and since then was tremendously fascinated with shapes, color and texture. Growing up in an artful and multicultural environment, she was given freedom to pursue her creative interests with passion and joy. At the age of 13, she won an award from the Royal Canadian Legion for a Remembrance Day poster she created.

Continuing to grow and develop her skills, she experimented in painting, graphic design, fashion design, make-up artistry, costume design, and other creative outlets. She then found that her call to be a painter was too strong to ignore. Being inspired by cultures, connectivity and consciousness, her photographic interpretative paintings reveal an energy from deep within the object. On the flipside, her emotional paintings exude passion and a strong influence from Canadian First Nations as well as African artists.

Tori Mongrain’s artwork can be found in public and private locations across North America. She is currently painting full time, growing and developing her style and body of work so that her art can be brought to a more global scale. This will not only enhance the quality of her work, but give her more cultural inspiration to draw from to help her connect with more people. Looking at the energy and love injected into each painting, she leaves a little piece of her on each canvas for all to experience.


I have always been the girl staring at the wall while someone is talking to me. It is not because I am uninterested; rather that something has caught my eye. Always observing the smallest details of my surroundings, I pick out the most random one as the point of focus. Small things amuse small minds I suppose, the inspiration for me is the overlooked and taken for granted.

I love photographs, and extracting that random object. Each day we find ourselves walking along, only with the big picture in mind. My goal is simple: to bring life to the random, sometimes overlooked things in our cities and cultures. On the other side I use my work as well to understand my emotions and comment on how experiences and things make me feel.

My lines are to show the life of the object and the connectivity that all things on the earth share. Whether it is a fire hydrant or an elaborate structure, there is life, love, hope and energy flowing through the earth. Everything has a character and it is my job to let its inner light shine through.

I invite you to join me, take a deep breath and breathe life in. Truly stop and look around where you are right now. There is such beauty around us everyday, it is truly amazing what you will see when you take the time to look. Sometimes the simplest of things are the ones we enjoy the most.

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